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On your side in a crisis

You can trust us to find the best strategy to save your reputation and minimise the harm done by negative publicity.

In a world where news travels fast and image is everything, protecting your reputation has never been more important. Any slur on your good name, or that of your organisation, has the potential to cause lasting damage. The rise of digital publishing and social media has increased the risks dramatically, with rumour-mongers hiding behind the anonymity that the internet affords.

As Hong Kong’s oldest independent law firm, Deacons has been helping our clients to protect their reputations for decades. Our experienced lawyers can advise you, in connection with your in-house and PR teams, on the most appropriate course of action to prevent, contain and minimise the harm done by negative publicity. 

We act for some of Hong Kong’s best known publishers, as well as a variety of internationally known media outlets. Our aim is always to resolve disputes swiftly and efficiently, and our forceful but flexible negotiating style has persuaded many claimants to accept a settlement or back down completely. However on those occasions where court action is unavoidable, we have an impressive track record in winning cases and successfully defending our clients’ publications. 

Please take a look at our litigation and disputes pages for more information on the wide range of work we undertake. And if you would like more information on how we can help you, please feel free to get in touch. 

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