Restructuring and insolvency in Hong Kong: overview (2013)

23 October 2014, Insolvency & Restructuring, Technical Guide by Philip Gilligan, Teresa Lau

A Q&A guide to restructuring and insolvency law in Hong Kong

The Q&A gives a high level overview of the most common forms of security granted over immovable and movable property; creditors' and shareholders' ranking on a company's insolvency; mechanisms to secure unpaid debts; mandatory set-off of mutual debts on insolvency; state support for distressed businesses; rescue and insolvency procedures; stakeholders' roles; liability for an insolvent company's debts; setting aside an insolvent company's pre-insolvency transactions; carrying on business during insolvency; additional finance; multinational cases; and proposals for reform.

This Q&A is part of the multi-jurisdictional guide to restructuring and insolvency law that was published by Practical Law in 2013.

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