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Deacons was established in Hong Kong in 1851 and is Hong Kong's oldest law firm.

The firm takes its name from a young English solicitor, Victor Deacon, who arrived in the burgeoning British colony of Hong Kong in 1880 to join the legal practice established by William Bridges in 1851.

Within two years, the irrepressible Victor Deacon was made a partner and within 20 years, under his own name, he had firmly established Deacons as one of the colony's leading law firms, a position it has retained to this day.

Deacons grew steadily throughout the 20th century, flourishing during Hong Kong's post-war boom. By the mid-1970s Deacons was a busy, full-service business law firm and a highly respected name in commercial circles throughout Asia. 

We are proud to support The Photographic Heritage Foundation in their mission to locate and identify historical photographic images in archives and private collections; to revive their context and meaning; and to publish them with historical and contemporary texts in books, websites and exhibitions.    



Deacons Archives
Deacons is proud to announce that it has officially entrusted its historical archive to the University of Hong Kong (HKU) at a handover ceremony on April 3rd 2014. 
We have taken steps to preserve our firm's historical records, accumulated over more than one and a half centuries, so that they will be available as a record for those who may in future wish to look back at the colourful history of Hong Kong from the perspective of one of its very first professional firms. 
It is one of only a few such business archives containing material which pre-dates World War Two, during which nearly all commercial files and archives in Hong Kong were destroyed or lost. The archives are catalogued into 65 separate document series, comprising 2,218 files which contain more than 8,000 separate documents. They date from the 1850s through to the 1950s and highlights from the archives include the commercial dealings of prominent Hong Kong businessmen such as Paul Chater, Ellis Kadoorie and Emanuel Raphael Belilios. 
We believe that those who come after us may benefit from hindsight when making decisions about their own legal, economic and business future. Because of its historical and research value we believe it is deserving of public access and usage, especially by researchers and academics. 
For those who wish to explore the Archives in more detail, please contact the University of Hong Kong, Special Collections, Main Library, Telephone 2859 2203, www.lib.hku.hk