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“In the regulatory space, the firm is active in particular on SFC licensing and compliance, with a dedicated team… acting on regulatory investigations and compliance programs.”   


Rapidly resolving regulatory investigations

With the volume and complexity of regulatory investigations seemingly increasing every year, it is important to have experienced advisors in your corner.

There is no doubt that the volume of regulatory investigations is increasing all around the world. And with a growing taste for follow-on criminal investigations and punitive sanctions – sometimes resulting in imprisonment sentences or fines running into millions of dollars – no significant organisation can afford to do without a strategy for coping with regulatory investigations. 

The ideal approach is to try to minimise the risk of exposure to regulatory action. Deacons can assist with this by auditing your compliance processes, warning of any unnecessary risks and devising cost-effective procedures for minimising them. 

However, in the current environment, regulatory investigations are almost inevitable. And when they do occur it is important that they are handled efficiently and effectively. 

At Deacons, Hong Kong’s leading independent law firm, we have first class experience in handling regulatory investigations of all kinds. Our focus is always on dealing with regulatory investigations forcefully but tactfully, while ensuring that lines of communication remain firmly open. This approach, coupled with the experience our skilled team has built up over many years, has enabled us to resolve regulatory issues for many clients swiftly and satisfactorily. 

If you are involved in a regulatory investigation, or would like to discuss how we could help you or your company in any other way, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Regulatory Investigations SERVICES