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Covering all angles of the employment relationship

Our work for employers and employees on senior executive appointments and terminations gives us a unique insight into the priorities of both sides.

The right management team can make or break a business so changing personnel at the top always poses risks. Whether you are an employer taking on new senior managers or terminating an appointment that just isn’t working out, or a senior executive moving to or from a major role, sound advice at an early stage can help ensure your interests are protected.

Deacons’ experience of acting for both sides of the employment equation gives us a unique perspective. This understanding of the priorities and concerns of all parties has helped us to negotiate successful solutions and find ways through the complex issues that are raised by senior executive contracts. 

Our talented lawyers advise on all aspects of the employer/employee relationship, from employment contracts and employee benefits/incentives, to highly sensitive disciplinary and grievance issues and contentious terminations involving serious reputational risks. We can help you put in place plans to protect your interests, including protecting your intellectual property and data when a move to a competitor may threaten your company. 

Meanwhile, if you are a senior executive we can assist you in securing a favourable package on joining or leaving your employer. In addition, our highly trained team can assist with international employment matters, including transfers to and from Hong Kong/China, visas and tax issues.

Whether you are an employer or senior executive, if you would like to discuss how we could assist you, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

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