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An innovative and commercial perspective

At Deacons we understand the importance of employee benefits and incentive programmes in winning the battle to recruit and retain the best.

Skilled and committed employees can make a big difference to the bottom line. Indeed, in many industries their contribution is the difference between success and failure. That is why it’s worthwhile investing time and effort in developing a high quality employee benefits and incentives programme. 

Deacons can help you with all aspects of devising and administrating employee incentive plans, from creating tailored benefits and incentive structures, including share option schemes, and handling standard documentation and compliance issues, to advising on incentives in the context of acquisitions, mergers and listings, or winding up redundant schemes. 

Working closely with our experienced tax team, we can also steer you through the complex tax aspects of incentive schemes to ensure they work for you and your employees. If necessary we will negotiate with the tax authorities on your behalf and take whatever other measures are appropriate to keep your scheme running smoothly.

Deacons works for clients that range from major international corporations to small and medium-sized businesses in Hong Kong and the PRC, as well as partnerships and senior executives. We also regularly act as local counsel providing advice on major global incentives programmes and restructurings, and assist with the reassigning of employees abroad and the treatment of foreign service. 

If you’d like to discuss how we could assist you in relation to employee benefits and incentives, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

Employee Benefits & Incentives SERVICES