Working Families and Wellbeing

Supporting working families and their well-being is not only the right thing to do. It’s also a pipeline for the future.

Our initiatives are designed to support the unique needs of working carers, foster a culture of care and understanding. Together, we retain top talent, improve productivity and build a strong, motivated workforce.

Catherine Zheng
Management Committee
Business Development Committee
Partner, Co-Head of Intellectual Property

Our approach to support working families

As a caring employer, it is our responsibility to put measures in place to support our working carers, balancing their commitments to work and family and promoting their selfcare. We provide resources to our working carers who often face the unique challenges and responsibilities in their roles while working in a demanding industry.

Parenting talk series

Throughout the years, our working families are provided with series of parenting talks which equip them with knowledge and skills in child development, effective communication with children, discipline strategies and fostering a supportive home environment. It helps to reduce the stress associated with family responsibilities and create a culture that encourages work-family balance within the workplace.

We also take good care of the wellness of our working carers through mindfulness trainings – to provide them the tools to manage stress, improve focus and promote selfcare.

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“I found the talk very insightful with practical skills and tips for parents to strengthen their relationship with their kids. I shared the ideas with my wife afterwards.”

Chris Wong
Senior Associate, Corporate Finance


“I found the session incredibly useful in learning how to maintain a healthy parent-child relationship with my children. The speaker adeptly utilised real-life scenarios as examples, providing insightful explanations demonstrating the practical application of relevant parenting techniques.”

April Cheng
Senior Associate, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

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Our Working Families network

The purpose of our Working Families Network is to facilitate networking opportunities among working families within the firm, allowing them to build relationships, exchange ideas and form connections.

They collaborate across networks and to navigate the challenges of balancing work and family responsibilities. It creates an environment where employees feel comfortable on sharing their concerns and seeking support.

Take your child to work

Bringing your child to work is a wonderful opportunity of shared experience and strengthening of parent-child bonding. It is also a remarkable opportunity for the children to gain insights into their parents’ working environment and connect with our colleagues.

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Family-friendly Policy

Helping our employees balance work and family commitments is a top priority for our firm. We offer family-friendly work policies like flexible leave and hybrid working arrangements. We recognise employees have different caring responsibilities and personal circumstances at different time in life, and hence varied levels of flexibility is needed to integrate their work with their life.

We understand that employees may require extended time off for personal or family reasons. In such cases, we provide support by enabling them to take the time they need while maintaining a connection to the firm. This gives our employees with the flexibility necessary to achieve a better work-family balance.


Our wellbeing programs

Improving our employees’ health and wellness requires determined and visible leadership. Our management promotes and normalises conversations around mental health issues within the firm openly and consistently. We also have an open-door policy, and if we notice employees who may be experiencing mental health issues, we take very swift action.

Mental Health First Aider Training

We offer training to our employees to equip them with the knowledge and skills to identify early signs and symptoms of mental health issues. Just like physical health problems, early intervention is crucial for effective treatment and prevention of further complications.

Our mental health first aiders

Through the training, we grow and form our internal support team who contributes to encouraging employees to be more open about their own mental health challenges and seek assistance without fear of judgment when they need. As employees interact with trained colleagues who are open and supportive, it fosters a culture of understanding and acceptance surrounding mental health issues.

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“I have learnt about the signs and symptoms of common mental health problems. The experienced trainer taught us the easy yet powerful communication skills to help mentally ill people who are struggling or in crisis. My main takeaway is not to turn them away. I would recommend this course to everyone.”

Gere Sit
Partner, Insurance Litigation

“I really appreciated the Mental Health First Aider training course for bringing awareness to and removing the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. I think the biggest takeaway is learning how to identify signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses, and hopefully being able to lend an ear to the people that we care.”

Adrian Leung
Trainee Solicitor

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Our EAP provides a range of support services and resources to employees and their families, including private counselling, stress management, training and referrals. EAP is not only for severe problems, it is designed to support employees in range of concerns and offer early intervention. This can effectively help employees to navigate personal and family challenges, addressing mental health concerns, resolving conflicts and accessing the necessary support.


Year-round wellness activities

We organize a number of wellbeing programs and events that encompass elements of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These activities include in-office exercises, artistic workshops, health talks, wellness soup giveaway and seasonal employee networking events. Through these activities, we strive to improve employee satisfaction and morale, and ultimately foster a healthy and engaged workforce.

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