Jeremy Lam discusses ‘deficiencies’ in liquidity risk controls highlighted by SFC in Ignites Asia article

27 August 2019

Partner Jeremy Lam was quoted in an Ignites Asia article entitled “HK SFC highlights 'deficiencies' in liquidity risk controls”. A recent SFC circular has revealed that a number of authorised asset fund managers are failing to properly maintain their risk management systems which has resulted in inadequate internal procedures for policy implementation and insufficient reporting systems.

On this issue, Jeremy notes that the SFC has forewarned it will not tolerate non-compliance, further stating that “The message is clear: It’s not sufficient to simply have documented procedures in place....documents need to be in keeping with the fund’s underlying investments and daily dealing”. Jeremy goes on to advise firms to ensure their policies and procedures are implemented accordingly as “such focus [from the regulator] is not going away, and if anything is likely to increase in line with market volatility and ongoing geopolitical uncertainties.”

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