Financial Services team assists Mirae with the successful listing of two new Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF)

01 August 2019

Deacons’ partner, Chuah Su Cheen, senior associate Pinky Siu and associate Winnie Cheung recently attended the listing ceremony, with the Manager, Mirae Asset, to celebrate the successful listing of two new ETFs.  The two new ETFs: Mirae Asset Horizons China Biotech ETF and Mirae Asset Horizons China Cloud Computing ETF allow investors to gain exposure to China’s biotech and cloud computing sectors and are the first ETFs in Hong Kong which track these sectors.

Mirae Asset’s Hong Kong President and CEO, Mr Jung Ho Rhee, Head of Asia ETF, Mr Wanyoun Cho, and Head of Compliance, Mr Sunny Choi attended together with a large number of representatives from the SFC including Executive Director, Ms Christina Choi who officiated the listing ceremony. 

Mirae Asset Global Investments was founded in 1997, in Asia and now has a presence in 14 countries.  They currently invest over $137bn on behalf of their clients, benefitting from the expertise of their global investment professionals.  They are known for adapting to their clients’ needs, providing them with innovative investments solutions and intelligent ways to achieve investment objectives.

Mr Rhee of Mirae commented: “..the launch of the two ETFs marks the opening of the biotech and cloud computing sectors to the wider investor community, allowing them to share in the enormous potential of these two industries.” 

Su Cheen further commented: “I am so proud of the team here at Deacons.  Senior associate, Pinky Siu and associate, Winnie Cheung along with other team members have been working hard on these two ETFs. Winnie in particular, has been burning the midnight oil to get these ETFs listed within a short timeline.”

Further information on the listing can be found on Mirae’s website linked here and in the media.